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More with Your Tubes

Some might remember last year, I gushed about this commercial.

Well, this year it's this commercial.

Friggin' adorable.

That is all.

Actually, no it's not. That was directed by David Fincher?! The previous one was directed by Michael Mann.

I just learned that. That's awesome.

Also, for all of us with kids, mini-Troy Polamalu trashing that table makes my wife wince every time. I think we can all relate.

That is all.

Why They Play The Game...

Because there’s no such thing as perfect. That’s why.

One of five beautiful sacks.

The outcome of this game was the best thing to happen for football in quite some time. A big thanks to the New York Football Giants for saving the integrity of one of my favorite past times.

I’m especially glad that this reveals what piss-poor sportsman the Pats truly are. They’re a blight on the good game of football, not it’s ultimate expression.

Have fun at your long overdue investigation you cheating sons of bitches*.

*No, I don't think everyone does it and the Pats just got caught. I think some people do it and they should be made an example of. Because that's how rules work.

Happy Jerkday, Birth!

Happy Birthday to my son, Joshua Malkav Henley, who weighs in at a very jerky three years old today.

En celebrance, I provide you his favorite Youtube video:


His favorite superheroes:

Also Happy Birthday to my nephew Curtis Christopher Anthony, who turns a whopping five. Curtis would love it if you’d go here and donate money. Or, crap, just browse around and learn.

Also, apparently Robert R. Jordan died. Let that be a lesson to all writers to quit dicking around indulging yourself and finish your work. Life’s too short.

I enjoyed the start of the overwhelming Wheel of Time series, before it grew into the Neverending Story. If only for a better editor it could have easily gone down in history as the finest Fantasy reimagining of all time. Instead it just makes me angry to think about.

Still, cheers you goat-staff wielding bastard. May you lay where no Shadows fall.

Other things to look forward to this week:

Tonight, watching the Philadelphia Misappropriated Patriotic Symbols spank the Washington Racial Epithets in the Pigball Game I love so bad (which probably bones my chances of watching my other anticipated TV premieres).

Friday, new Avatar! Really new Avatar! Like, it’s finally actually here.

Seriously, I have proof.

*Here Be Spoilers*

Now blow out the candles...

September Air

I love Football.

It's like real world superheroes.

Think about it, they have snazzy uniforms, every week is a soap opera, and we're all really watching for the action. Armies of physically disproportionate people performing exceptional feats of physicality to defend their cities.

I love it.

It's time to drink beer and wait for kickoff.

Oh Laborious Day

You know you’re grown up when you can’t wait for September.

Not only do the local ruffians clear the streets, making the daytime safe for us old folks again, but so much good is happening. Football (American) is starting, a new DC HeroClix set is released (two in one year!) and Avatar is finally coming back. Good God Almighty, we’re free at last!

It’s like all my ships have come in at the same time. Now I just need Dan DiDio to hold open solicitations again now that Final Crisis is coming to pass and I’ll be all set.

Suffice to say, it’s a good time to be a geek.

I would leave you with some Avatarded fan-vid or something, but I’ve already spent most of the good ones, and I’m saving one for the actual premier.

So instead, I’ll just pimp an Avatar fan-site: http://www.avatarspirit.net/.

ASN have been considerably more on the ball and informative throughout the “Long Silence” than Nickelodeon could hope for. Seriously, they should be paid for keeping the fans entertained and preventing riots during Nickelodeon’s eight and a half month moratorium on saying “Avatar” out loud. They arguably want you to watch their show they just don’t want to do anything to help you do that.

God bless the good soldiers over at ASN who brought live updates from SDCC over a month before Nick considered it worthwhile to get the same information out; for agreeing to follow Nick’s demands to not show the SDCC PREVIEW panel in its entirety, since Nick wants to put the panel on the Book 3 box set… (months after the season its previewing will be finished); and for correcting Nick’s own promotions as to what time the show will air. Let’s hear it for the extreme patience they’ve shown in not biting the hand that--- well, that’s been starving its fanbase for almost a year. ASN has squashed leaks, culled criticism, performed unsponsored contests and games, and maintained integrity even while the company they’re supporting with their site has done nothing to deserve that level of loyalty. For all that, I commend them.

Let’s hear it for fans!

While it’s nice to have a haven for like-interested folks, it is occasionally apparent that I’m at least 20 years older than my “peers” in Avatar fandom. So, I’m glad most of my friends have finally caught up, so I can talk about the brilliance that is the best show on television with someone who isn’t a twelve year old girl.

Not that there’s anything wrong with 12 year old girls, I just don’t feel comfortable talking about how “h4wt!1” Zuko is for more than a few minutes. He’s a little young for me.