grebok_sod (grebok_sod) wrote,

The Revolution

The Revolution is coming.

The Revolution is here.

You are late to the Revolution.

You are not wearing any pants to the Revolution.

You did not study for the Revolution.

The Revolution will totally leave without you.

The Revolution pretends it doesn't see you.

The Revolution can't hear you either.

The Revolution tastes vaguely of gamy ham. But in a good way.

The Revolution will not be televised.

The Revolution will be streaming live from an undisclosed location, however.

Who's that in your Mom's bedroom? The Revolution.

Knock, knock? Who's there? The Revolution.

The Revolution doesn't need your shit right now.

The Revolution isn't looking for your approval.

You don't understand the Revolution.

You want the Revolution? You can't handle the Revolution.

The Revolution is a symphony composed of shadows and stories.

The Revolution is not going to pull over for you to pee, find a bottle.

The Revolution is DJing tonight at a club you haven't heard of.

The Revolution has no spoiler warnings.

The Revolution is coming.

The Revolution is here.

Are you ready?

It's okay that you're not.

Don't cry.

Watch this space.

So you can be told to watch another space.

This is not a game.

I need you to be cool.

Wait for further instructions.

Vive la Revolucion.

Tags: shadowstories, the revolution

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