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Friday Night Fights Classic: Round 12

Yeah, I know, internets, I’ve been away for awhile. I’ve been really busy with work, camping, more freelance work and other real life pursuits.

Plus, I’m kind of shell-shocked from the industry at the moment. Hell, I’m still mourning DC's loss of Mr. Chuck Dixon who was single-handedly making a lot of lackluster ideas readable.

Not to mention a number of other ham-handed moves by my favorite comic company.

Which has had an unforeseen side effect: my buying—and looking forward to—more Marvel comics than I have since I was 11.

That’s weird. And man, it burns my nut-hairs so bad.

Get this: I might even go back home to the X-Men after a nearly 20 year ban on the title. It’s a strange, strange world we live in. If you need to know why I'd do such a thing, set aside an hour and get some of this in your eardrum. That Mark Function is a charming SOB.

Anyways, most of you didn’t come here to listen to me whine; so let’s fight about it...

Tonight’s Card:




In this corner we have a pair of titanic teens to the tune of Roy “Speedy” Harper and Richard Jonathan “Robin” Grayson scratching it out over who gets to KO the badguy du jour in a classic issue of the Teen Titans.

Moral: Never Roshambo with the Boy Wonder.

In this corner, we have young Jack Power getting acclimated to his brand new gravity powers. Let no mutant massacres or overbearing older brothers put this angry young man down.

A lesson Arclight finds out the hard way.

Take that Alex!

Winner: You, the reader!

I couldn’t stay away from the ring for long, especially not for the last of the Classic bouts. Bahlactus demanded it!

I’ll be back internets. I’m just reassessing some aspects of my fandom and how best to present it in blog form. No worries.

I’m starting to forgive the industry. Hell, some parts have never been better; others haven’t been worse since the mid-1990’s. I’m disappointed in both sides for several things and proud of each for others.

All-told I’d still rather give my money to DiDio than Joe Q. If you’re wondering why, check out a great panel with DD and a few other top names (note a stark lack of Marvel) speaking frankly about the state of comics, here.

By frankly, I mean, fanboys need not apply. It’s about the nuts and bolts reality of running a damn comics company. Not for nothing, but that’s where Dan shows that he’s good at his job, even if he’s out of his fucking mind.

Cheers internet, enjoy the break between fights and my minor sabbatical. See you in the funny papers.

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