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Last Week in Comics

Ah yes, running behind again. All the sudden I went from scrounging for work to working overtime. Sorry I haven’t been as prolific, Internets.

But alas, what you’ve all (two of you) been waiting for…

Detective Comics #845

This issue was totally awesome, continuing Dini’s trend of being... totally awesome. (Except for Countdown, which we’re just going to assume wasn’t written by anyone at all, and, in fact, was forged in Hell by Logostopholes [He Who Hates the Words]).

Just when you thought Bruce’s dating situation had reached critical mass; Enter the Catwoman.

“Raowr, kitty’s got claws”

Catty Catwoman! Awesome.

Selina totally has a case too. Batman’s always all “No time for love, Dr. Jones, only the mission matters” and Selina’s gotten pretty good at taking that in stride.

She leaves the planet for ten minutes and all the sudden Bats is making time with every Jezebel, Zatanna and Talia that walks through the door.

Bonus points to Dini for being the one who brought the Batanna relationship up, only to dis it an issue later. That’s good writing.

Plus, Batman in a chatroom!

lvl 6 healer looking 4 mish

Is the redheaded chatterer supposed to be Oracle? I wasn’t feeling the artist on that. Everyone else was clearly set up. I don’t know who the Gotham PD guy was, but I knew he was Gotham PD for instance. Due to her lack of establishing shot, my guess is we’re supposed to recognize her.

Anyway, long story short, if you’re not reading Dini’s Detective, you’re doing it wrong. Comprende?

JLU #46

Last issue?

That blows. Especially since this story is all about the Green Lantern Corps and not at all about the Justice League.

I mean, I like G’nort and all, but this is no last issue.

We couldn’t have ground it out to Issue #50 and given the franchise a good old fashioned send off?

All told though, I agree with Rachelle, an all-ages cartoon/comic starring the GLC would be pretty nifty.

JSA #16

Man, I never know with Johns.

I think I really liked this issue but at the same time I’m tired of his shenanigans therein.

Like, why does he get to play with Kingdom Come, Earth 2 and the Third World—that’s right, the Third World*—while nobody else does?

Is it b/c no one else wants to? That no one else is wired that way (“that way” being to naturally extrapolate other people’s great ideas, if we’re all being honest)? Or b/c he’s the one holding all the cards and thus the only one who knows enough about the DCU he’s created to get away with this shit?

Regardless, you gotta dig Happy Gog, here.

“Little men!? Ahhh-ha-ha-ha-ha! You’re adorable.”

If you know me at all, you know I loved the ending.

Of course, Johns telegraphs like a bitch, so this all precludes disaster. Whatever. So long as Grant gets his face back, and stops being a jagoff.

Hey, if this continues to be readable, I’ll continue to read it. If it’s only going to be readable every third issue it’s going to be a hard fence to get off of.
*for the uninitiated, I don’t mean “Third World” as in poverty conditions, I mean the precursor to Kirby’s Fourth World. If you still don’t know what I mean… boy, you really are uninitiated. Why are you reading my blog?

Manhunter #31

Here, let me do you a favor….



There, you’re all caught up. Now go read Manhunter. It’s fucking awesome and totally worth your money.

Drop that book you’ve been bitching about for the past four months and use that money to buy Manhunter instead. Everybody’s happy.

Also, I love Michael Gaydos. He needs the right comic to shine but this is a good example of the right comic.

Rann-Thanagar Holy War #2

According to DiDio this is just the latest installment in keeping DC space present and accounted for. So, it’s not so much that it’s going somewhere specific or altogether necessary; it’s just a story set in DC’s space.

Which is ostensibly fine, but it does change my expectations by a lot and makes me wonder if I really need to be reading it. Similarly Reign in Hell is just this year’s magic-themed book.

Should I just avoid it? Color me undecided.

I’m enjoying R/T Holy War enough to probably ride it out. Mostly for the Captain Comet.

I might not be so quick to jump on next time.

Then again, I am a whore.

Robin/Spoiler #1

And with this issue it really sinks in. She’s back. Back-back. No shittin’, back.

Thank the stars and the powers that be.

This was a cool book that was really just a couple quick Spoiler stories. Both by Dixon, so it should be no surprise that it was filled with rad.

The first one has a nice vibe to it, and makes Stephanie out to be altogether cooler than Tim Drake-Wayne. Although I love that this “Creep” they’re on, is just an excuse to hang out in a warehouse being dorks with water pistols.

Is that the limit of the trouble they can get into? Man, teenagers these days are way tamer than I remember being. Though I do appreciate them not doing hard drugs and fucking per se. Sometimes kids just break laws to say they broke some laws.

Inevitably, things go badly and Tim and Steph have to dress up in funny costumes and punch badguys. Which is what I paid for.

I like that Dixon doesn’t just ditch Zoe, and puts Stephanie and Robin just enough at odds to make things complicated, but just enough on each others side to warm the heart.

“Dear Diary, Robin is still totally my bitch.”

The second story is supposed to explain where Steph has been and why she came back, I guess. Both of which were arguably explained better in Robin last month sight unseen. Regardless, the story was fine even if it was a missed opportunity to team up with Bwana--er--Freedom Beast.

I’m digging the new costume.

Translation: “Does this Antelope head make me look fat?”

Some bold choices. Shame she didn’t keep that when she came back.

Invincible Iron Man #2

This book is pretty okay. Although my daughter already trashed my issue, which goes to show she probably has better taste than I do.

The problem is, this book isn’t what I really want. What I really want is 22 pages of Tony slipping on lemon juice slick razor blades, falling face first on a wall of dicks, choking and dying a humbling death.

Until that happens, or Tony learns some distilled form of that lesson (which may or may not be coming in Secret Invasion, read on) I just can’t read about him or support a book with him in it in good conscience.

That’s no slight to Matt Fraction, mind, who seems to be a real work horse churning out some imminently readable comics. It has everything to do with the character and where that character is at right now.

For instance, Thor shows up to a funeral for a foreign superhero which Tony is also attending. Mind you, Tony has already made the point that he’s there more or less for appearances and the free food. He puts it better than that, but let’s all be honest, he’s not wasting any tears over it.

The whole time he’s obsessing over Thor being there. Tony keeps wanting him to look over; wave; wink; show him some leg, anything. And he keeps making Thor out as the douche for “making this about us”. Meanwhile it’s Tony whose mind is on Thor’s ass more than, y’know, actually paying respects to the honored dead here.

This is exactly the kind of asshat Tony has been lately. I mean, kudos to Fraction for capturing it so well, but why do I want to read about this guy?

Also, when did Pepper become Oracle?

Secret Invasion #3

Am I the only one who felt this should have been Issue #2? It directly picks up, like, every plot from #1 that was totally skipped over in #2 where, like, three minutes passed in which we discover that Bobbi might be alive.

Here we get all the whacky stuff like what the hell is going on with Captain Marvel at Thunderbolts Mountain, or what’s going on with the Young Avengers outside the Baxter Building, or, y’know, hey, didn’t the Helicarrier fall out of the sky… again.

"First Lieutenant Yesmaam's got your back, Ma'am!"

I’m really starting to like Assistant Director Hill. Now, if only someone would remember SWORD are all sucking goo and waiting for death it would almost read like a straight-forward story.

In other news, the Skrull Empress totally fucks with Tony’s head. Now this is the series that keeps on giving… Tony kicks to the balls. Bendis more or less said as much, but I need to see it to believe it. So far, so good.

Also in this issue: Nick Fury and the Who-Cares Commandos!

“If Cable calls looking for his gun, you haven’t seen me.”

Marty’s Pick of the Week
Buffy The Vampire Slayer #15

Last month I was growing tired of this arc. Now that it’s all wrapped up, it all paid off in a big way. Especially racist Dracula. Man, racist Dracula is the tits.

“It means chop-chop, ginger-bush”

It’s just the right mixture of everything Whedon and Co. do so well. A little bit heartbreaking, a little bit sincere, a little bit funny, and 100% rawesome kick to the junk.

If all-out high stakes war wasn’t enough, how about Giant Mecha-Dawn: Action Teenage Robot!

The Amazing Jonathan: Gal Friday

Pretty good stuff.

Although, I have to say I was a little put off by the tragedy that ended last issue and started this one. I know that Whedon and Co. like to prove death is sharp, fast and often pointless. As a rule, I’m all for that. At the same time this death served no purpose other than to be profoundly sad out of nowhere.

It could’ve been any number of people--including Satsu--and fallen more in line with the heart of this arc. This smacked of Goddard sitting around asking the age-old Mark Waid faux pas: “who’s death will be the saddest without actually affecting the story?”

Bah, maybe I’m just getting cynical in my old age.

Despite all the tragedy and lesbianism, Dracula takes home this week’s prize for Excellence in the Field of Bad-Assery.

“Why don’t you look up Dracula in your Japanese to Romanian dictionary.... Oh, you can’t, you don’t have any hands. Zing!”


That’s my comics story and I’m sticking to it.

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