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Last Week in Comics

It was a really good week in comics, lots of fun stuff happened. Let’s review.

Birds of Prey #118

And the Fifth World is officially here. That took, what, six minutes?

And that’s cool. I remember liking this look when it appeared in the Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle series. But I continue to be a little sad the old guard passed.

I mean, are all these other worlds for nothing? I know traditionally, the Fourth World are their own dimension and thus never were as infinite as some Earths. Letalone 52 varieties.

Oh well, they’re kind of cool. And so is this issue.

I wasn’t overly pleased with Bedard’s last couple of forays with the Birds, but this is a nice start and even bothers to have an interesting couple of twists.

Next issue looks good too. I guess I won’t be dropping it afterall.

Brave and the Bold #13

Did you know this series apparently doesn’t sell all that well?

That’s incredible. It’s awesome! What’s wrong with you people? What are you reading if not Catwoman, Brave and the Bold and/or Blue Beetle. Or all the rest of my favorite comics that do mediocre numbers?

This issue was another great outing with a terrific pair. It looks less like it’s setting up another story arc and more like Waid throwing a couple good jaunts out before he moves on to his EiC position at BOOM! Studios.

But it’s all just so charmingly old school with new school sensibility.

“Dick Cheney is not amused. Send the robo-samurai!”

That’s adorable. And that isn’t even the tip of the adorable iceberg. Oh no.

Watching Batman and Jay Garrick work together is a pretty little ditty from start to finish. It’s filled with “awww” and a little bit of “rock’n’roll”.

Here’s an example of the former.

“My daddy was ‘sir’, and he’s been dead for 80 years.”

All together now: Awwww. Batman called someone “sir”.

I’m almost sorry for wishing Jay would just die already. I guess he has a point afterall….

“Also you get to be largely rude to civil servants. It’s an okay life.”

The hand is yours old man.

Catwoman #79


Yeah, awesome. Thanks again for not reading.

I mean, what’s the point in even telling you this issue kicked the crap out of most of its peers this week? You apparently don’t believe me.

It was awesome, though. I’m personally interested to see if Slam lets it go as much as he lets Selina think.

Countdown to Mystery #8

I stopped reading the Eclipso parts of this series. Stone stopped reading it.

It’s simply that bad from art to bottom. Not so much bad, as boring as hell and completely ignorable.

The Dr. Fate stuff, however, was really good. Better than it had any business being. Especially considering I was intending to hate it going in.

And I’m not just saying that b/c the man who wrote it has since passed on. This series is only a footnote in Steve Gerber’s storied career. Saying this was great doesn’t mean all that much in the grand scheme of his portfolio. But it was and had remarkable personality.

As an homage, four different authors finished the story four different ways. It’s a little bit of a mindfuck, but it’s still a cool idea and a nice way to say goodbye to a friend.

Once again, I’m with Jon. I think Beechen’s was the best ending, but they were all good in their own way. If you took a pass on this series, I’d suggest picking it up collected.

Justice League of America #21

I think I’d like to see what McDuffie could/would do with a company wide crossover. This issue plays well with others and still gets some general bookkeeping done. It’s delicious.

I think it’s funny that a good third of this issue is the “Big 3” sitting around talking, but nobody is pissing and moaning about it. Granted I can see how this isn’t Meltzer. But it’s still a large tract of three superheroes talking instead of punching things and no one minded.

B/c it’s not superheroes talking that bothers people. It’s Brad Meltzer. And that’s a shame.

This was good, poignant, involved the above-referenced bookkeeping and was funny.

“Alright, Bruce you already kicked all my puppies. You happy now?”

It’s filled with all sorts of wonderful characterization from heroes and villains alike. If you don’t know who the Human Flame is, you’re missing out.

What’s more amazing, he comes off with any amount of legitimacy in this issue and even gets one over on his so-called contemporaries. Watch him give Luthor some chin-music and survive.

“Fuck you, that’s my name ya bald prick.

I love Grodd and Savage here. And Luthor is forced to take it. That’s awesome.

I can’t help but look at the Human Flame, dreamcast and smile.

Good stuff in this issue, and it helped get me even more excited for Final Crisis. Which is absolutely the point, no?

Justice Society of America #15

Hey! Another Geoff Johns superhero pile-on! Wow! This really has gotten old!

The last two issues of JSA summarized in two panels.

Once again you’ve got jerks like Mr. America jumping in as if he’s anything more than a liability. Holy crap, seriously? No wonder people die in every other issue Johns writes, this is the best tactic they can think of for every threat. If you just don’t know how to write a fight scene Geoff, I offer my services. The C-List characters of the DCU beseech you.

Goddamnit this book has equal parts suck for everything good in it. I keep telling myself I’ll hang on until the end of the arc, but the arc apparently goes into 2009. Fuck.

Side note: And here I though that was Kingdom Come Green Lantern and Obsidian—well, technically they are—but it’s just Alan and Todd inexplicably looking exactly like they do in the world next door?

That’s really stupid.

And getting stupider.

Superfriends #3

Based on the toys by Mattel!

What is left to say about this month’s issue of Superfriends other than: Felix Faust teaches you to make your own JLA Fingerpuppets?


Mighty Avengers #14

In summation: “If you find yourselves faced with the most powerful hero on Earth. Just tell him it’s all his fault. That should make him cry himself to sleep on the other side of Saturn. Don’t worry about it. What could possibly go wrong?”

What goes wrong is a little bit awesome, and worth every penny I spent on this issue.

X Factor #31

I figured there would be more issues to this story arc.

That One-Shot totally threw me off. Oh well.

I mean, it ended okay. It just felt sudden. There were a few good gags, a nice bit of emotion but ultimately I think this was just Peter David’s way of getting around all this X-Men Disassembled nonsense with most of his team intact. Bravo to that.

Val Cooper should feature moving forward and I’m into that. And I like how they used her to allude to the Skrull Invasion and that Tony doesn’t give a crap about Mutants.

Top notch.

Dreamwar #2

Okay, so hza called how this series was gonna end after, like, one panel.

But, hey, just b/c you know where it’s going doesn’t mean it’s not awesome. It reminds me that I need to go back and reread Invasion!

Giffen pulls together a pretty good crossover (without the crossover), and seamlessly flows between characterization. Even when everyone is acting out of character—everyone but Chuck Tayne of course. B/c Chuck Tayne bangs triplets on his days off from banging emotionally scarred twins, that's why.

It’s pretty awesome. Especially if you’re like me and enjoy the Wildstorm Universe just enough to love watching it get kicked in the junk.

Marty’s Runner Up of the Week
Robin #174

Runner up?

Listen, I’m overjoyed that Stephanie is back; in ways I find difficult to articulate. This issue delivers in every way possible: Spoiler returns with the least suspension of disbelief arguably possible. And for that I thank everyone who had a hand in this, especially you Mr. Dixon.

As fantastic as that is, that’s really all this issue is. One big “yay, Spoilers back!” block party. So it only nets runner up.

“I mean, you can’t be Robin and all. But I guess you can stay.”

I love that Batman’s all, like, “I totally already knew that.”.

“Occam’s Razor: That story was too stupid to have happened; ergo, Stephanie was alive…. Well, and those cases are expensive.”

Really, they could’ve fed me any old crap and I would’ve been just as happy to have Miss Brown back. But it certainly helps that it was Dixon and it was good.

Meanwhile the fangrrrls over at Girl-Wonder seem to either be congratulating themselves unduly for being pests or waiting to be told what their opinion should be. (sigh). Props to Doctor Benhatton, who already said it better.

Marty's Pick of the Week
Batman and the Outsiders #7

Man it's really good to have Dixon back. Maybe I should’ve been reading Rush City, b/c he’s killing the books he’s on at the moment.

The only reason this wins over Robin is b/c this is a better single issue of comics, despite Robin's longer time coming.

I don’t know that I’ve ever read Dixon doing a team book before, I was worried about that coming in. Sure, Birds of Prey probably counts nowadays, but not the way Dixon wrote it.

He switches between personalities, dialogue and multiple conflicts beautifully. Including characters that until recently were creator’s pets, like Grace and Thunder. And I get to read Batgirl as she’s intended and TGI Nightwing! You have to know I jumped up and down cheering when he showed up.

There’s a lot that goes on in any given issue even if the arc itself has been fairly protracted. This might be the first time I’ve seen someone put Rex in a danger that I can believe is actually dangerous for a man made of his own elements.

Really cool stuff and highly recommended.

And there’s room for a few chuckles too.

“Is this… is this a Bat-Sandwich?”


Total Honorable Mention

So, the wife and I just got introduced and subsequently caught up on the Scott Pilgrim over the weekend with much thanks to the hza for believing the hype.

Holy shit! Why have you been keeping this to yourselves internet? If this series was any better I would have to service it sexually.

It’s like all the best things from Box Office Poison, Strangers in Paradise, manga, the good Kevin Smith movies and Final Fantasy all mixed into one lovably-dense protagonist-driven, digest-sized, funomicron!

Man, I’ve been missing out.

Although since it only took me a day and half to get caught up to current, now I have to hurry up and wait for the next volume like everyone else. If my poor timing had a face I would punch it in the balls.

Seriously, this series is the bee’s tits. Pick it up if you’re as culturally backwards as I am and didn’t totally know that already.

That’s my comics story and I’m sticking to it.

The wife and I went out and dumped a load of dough at my local comic shop for their Memorial Day sale. Unfortunately I mostly used it as an opportunity to get a bunch of stuff I’ve read but don’t own. Like Watchmen, and the Ultimates trades. Which gives me stark little new stuff to read, but makes me feel better about my cred.

Also saw the new Indiana Jones which I thought was fan-frickin’-tastic. I’m going to see it again tonight and I’ll probably right some sort of obligatory review soon.

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