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Friday Night Fights Classic: Round 6

In celebration of Captain Britain getting a new series and/or dying and/or getting thrown bodily through the Siege Perilous to come back as a ninja supermodel, I figured I’d reach back for a different kind of classic.

Marvel UK represent, bitches.

Tonight’s Card:

Brian “Captain Britain” Braddock


Byron “Kaptain Briton” Brad-Dhok

Mix a drunk Steve Rogers with the Tick and you’ve got Captain Britain.

Now do the fistful of requisite drugs it takes to understand what’s going on in any given issue of this landmark series. With or without the Technet.

We catch up with our hero as he returns home to find himself… literally.

“Not on the wine!”

Ahh, the Marvel Universe, is there nothing that can’t be solved with fisticuffs?

You've gotta’ admit that’s awkward: coming home only to find you’re already there... and better dressed.

“Why you hitting yourself? Why you hitting yourself?*

Winner… um, Captain Britain of Earth-616?

Wrong, fanboy!

Kaptain Briton of Earth-794! Read it and weep:

“Dude, I have got to quit drinking, this isn’t even my dimension.

White Queen Opul Lun Sat-Yr-9’s poppet takes home tonight’s prize.

If you think it’s creepy being replaced by your Omniversal counterpart. Imagine one that keeps trying to make time with your sister. Ewww.

Don’t worry about Betsy though. She might not be a ninja supermodel yet, but she gets hers…


That’s how they do things at the Braddock Estate.

What’s the matter Yank? Didn’t think they thugged-out like that across the pond? You’ve never been to a football match then, have you?

Every Earth, every time, it’s Captain Bahlactus to you, punk.
Written by Jamie Delano, drawn by the always awesome Alan Davis.
*Heh, that joke’s good two weeks in a row.

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