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Friday Night Fights: Classic Round 4

The time is upon us once again blogosphere!

The time to dance the dance of a thousand fists known as:

Friday Night Fights!

Tonight's card:

Aqualad Garth


Ocean Master Orm

(and Croneys)

Earlier this week we were saying Aqualad gets no respect. Let’s see if a turn in the ring can’t up his Q rating.

We find the young man fresh from the ocean depths and jumped by several shadowy figures in service to Aquaman’s archnemesis: Ocean Master.

You think the lad is going to be able to step up and fight like a man?

“I’d recognize that frog-eyed… duck-billed… helmet-hat anywhere”

See this is what I’m talking about right here. You see Garth on the ground outnumbered four to one and you think: What the Hell is Aqualad gonna do, right?

Well let's put it to the test.

No looking ahead.

Will Garth:

A) Tear at his dark, lovely ringlets in indecision.
B) Scream like a school of fish just swam by.
C) Wet himself and blame it on the ocean.
D) Spring into Aqua-action with a kick to the face.

If you chose D) you know Garth better than Amy Wolfram.

“Tell your land lubbers, they're weak sauce, Orm.”

Listen to Garth here, looming large and looking down on surface dwellers. A good 20 years before Arthur was recast as a jerk with a hook hand, Garth was cutting his teeth with a little racism and two boots of righteous fury.

With moves like that I suddenly like him in this fight.

I say he takes out the trash in eight moves.

"Friday's Special: Fish knuckle sandwich with a side of slaw."

That's where crime in Garthtown takes you? Nowhere, man. Simply nowhere.

It only took him five. Is that man enough for you?

You know who’s 100% Grade A Beefcake? Bahlactus.
Teen Titans #28, Story by Steve Skeates, art by Nick Cardy

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