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Last Week in Comics

DCUniverse #0

Looks good.

Eat it. Internets.

Escarabajo Azul #26


I’m proud to say I got most of the story by using my drunken grasp of High School Spanish. Only to find the translation in the back afterwards.

Still, I did okay even if the translation apparently is… muy malo? That confuses me, wouldn’t you have gotten a native speaker to write the all-Spanish issue?

Is this just the difference between Mexican and Spanish kind of bad translation? A Spanglish bad translation? Or is it just a bad translation? If it’s the last, that’s awful. Lucky me, I’m none the wiser and enjoyed it lots.

More important was seeing other creators “get” Jaime. That’s going to be important moving forward.

Green Lantern #30

Whoa, Hal Jordan is Green Lantern?!


Oh, right, sorry: *spoilers*.

Teen Titans #58

Y'know, I pretty much forget what happens. Megan is nuts or something? B/c it was too much to ask to have a character on this team not consumed with world-breaking angst.

I dunno, I really don’t even have anything to say about it. I probably need to stop reading b/c it runs as hot and cold as I do.

Here, Jon say something prescient for me.

Teen Titans: Year One #5

Still a lot of fun, although it confuses me why this series is still going.

Everybody loves Robin? Of course they do. Maybe Antithesis will use that as conflict for the next time it rears its ugly head? I dunno.

That said, I would absolutely read an ongoing in this setting. Like X-Men: First Class. It’s twenty times more delightful than the actual Teen Titans.

This part is cute all over:

“Not-t en-enough g-gun.”

We’re all having fun painting Garth* as the Goofus of the sea and all. But seriously, Garth was never like this in the Teen Titans. Nor as pathetic as Waid’s recent Brave and the Bold.

You want some classic Garth?

“Who’s Gallant now, Dick?!”

There’s some classic Garth. All Jew-fro and handsome, punching out Dicks who don’t lend a hand. Now that’s good Aqualad.

Avengers: Initiative#12

A new Artist at this stage in the game was a bad idea. Keeping everything pat for all 12 issues could only have made the framing of this series more kickass.

With that said, the framing of this series was kickass.

Compare the last panel of this issue to the first panel of the first issue. Now shed a single tear for you have seen the mountain, and it was good.

So, do we move right onto the next class or what? I kind of want more on these characters, but I’ll definitely be sticking around.

Mighty Avengers#40

Two Avengers issues (New/Mighty) without a single Avenger in them and huge tracts of back-story. Wasn’t there sort of a promise (as there always is) that reading everything wouldn’t be necessary?

Not if you don't mind missing everything. (sigh). Anyway, I hope Final Crisis is better about that.

Despite this, it was pretty awesome. Both Avengers issues read as Secret Invasion issues 1.a and 1.b, but its all great so far.

Random scene that made me laugh:

“So, are you bad cop, or…?”

Legion of Superheroes #41

There were a few neat tricks herein, like hiding so well, you're discovered by being too hidden. That’s cool.

Also, this was one of many funny moments of the issue:

Braniac 5 is officially the bee’s tits.

Now let’s get into the real meat and potatoes issue of the week. This:

“But slavery is illegal in UP space… oooooooooh.”

And my knee jerked.

It took me some talking through before I came to peace with why my knee jerked.

Listen, I’ve heard harsher requests come out of girl’s mouths before. It’s not the frank invitation to obliterate her uterus that bothers me, necessarily—actually I’m more bothered by the internet presumption this makes Imra submissive, or a bottom. Imra is telling Garth* to own her… all but ordering. That’s not submissive.

Nor is Imra asking Garth to tie her up and electrocute her; Imra is asking Garth to throw her around the pillows and give her a 24 hour limp. That’s as fair as things get in love and war.

I can make any amount of justifications for this being perfectly in line with Imra’s character (actually, resident Legion expert hza helped come up with several that are quite convincing) but, frankly, I shouldn’t have to. I shouldn’t have to read this in the first place.

My problems are thus:

First: LoSH is one of the few books I would otherwise recommend to anyone. Now I’m hesitant. I think Light Lass taking Karate Kid to her bed “just ‘cause” is perfectly fine. I got no problem with Shooter admitting kids have the sex. They do. Apparently he was revolutionary back on his original runs of the series by showing characters in bed.

But that’s just it, showing a couple in bed (or inviting each other to bed) is one thing; having one ask the other to jackhammer her womb until she supernovas like the three suns of Cargg is quite another. If (presumably) grown men and women read this and think BDSM, I’m less convinced that a teen/tween/pre-tween is going to understand the nuance at play in this panel and that it’s only nice to “own” girls who ask nicely.

Second, and this is the bigger one: This is private talk. If a girl-friend said this to a boy-friend in front of me, I’d feel just as uncomfortable. I don’t need to be thinking about my girl-friend that way. Similarly, Imra and Garth are my friends, and I don’t need to know how they get down on Titan on a Wednesday night. I just don’t. I feel like I walked in on this scene and should excuse myself before the pwning begins b/c that wasn’t for me to hear.

Ultimately, the panel is just a set-up for an otherwise funny scene where not only does Imra not get owned, she gets kicked out of bed entirely in favor of some alien asskicking what needs a’doing.

However most of the last half of the book is a blur as I kept wondering if I should go back in there and apologize or would that only make it more uncomfortable for all of us?

I dunno, maybe I’m being prudish in my old age, but I felt this crossed an invisible line.

Oh well, there it is. I’ve got to slap some clamps on my nipples, hook them up to a car battery and get some other work done. Until next time, that’s my comics story and I’m sticking to it.
*Not to be confused with Lightning Lad
**Not to be confused with Aqualad

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