grebok_sod (grebok_sod) wrote,

Friday Night Fights: Classic Round 3

En memoriam for my New God brothers who didn’t make it!!

I mean brothers literally, of course. Sibling rivalry, Fourth World style!

Now with extra exclamation points!!!

Let’s review the card:

The Main Event:




We join our fight already in progress!

Few things are as lonely as having to chant your own name.

No kicking, scratching, hitting below the belt, Omega Beams, Astro-Forces,
or Beta-Clubs... ah, screw it, commence'ta getting it on!!

Poor Kalibak, no one can predict the fickle workings of King Jack!

What's this?! A ringer! The silent runner, Black Racer sneaks into the ring!

Does the Ski Pole of Death count as a foreign object?

Kalibak might be bearded carrion, but you don’t see him hawking kills
like the Vietnam Vet cum embodiment of death here.

Winner and still champeeeeen: Death on Skis, the Black Racer!

Who saw that coming?

Les Nouveaux Dieux sont morts, vivent les Nouveaux Dieux!

Words and pictures by the unestimable: Jack Kirby!

New Gods, Old Gods, there’s only one who devours all: Bah-lac-tus! Bah-lac-tus!

Tags: black racer, classic, friday night fights, kalibak, kirby, orion

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