grebok_sod (grebok_sod) wrote,

Friday Night Fights: Classic!!! Round 2

It’s been too long,
I gotta get back in that ring.
Put ‘em up, put ‘em down…


Tonight’s Ticket:

Hank “Hawk” Hall


A Peaceable Assemblage of Hippies!

Nothing says Friday Night Fights: Classic like Judge Hall’s boy violating the Right to Assembly with his two buddies: Right Jab and Left Hook!

Peace, piece? See what he did there?

Is anyone really that surprised Hawk went on to be a badguy a couple times over?

You know who’s not surprised? The man who smiles everytime a Hippie takes it to the jaw: Bahlactus!!
Words by Bob Kanigher; Art by Nick Cardy

Tags: bahlactus, friday night fights, hawk and dove

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