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Countdown #6

Why should I care? Seriously? Give me one reason --as-written-- that this issue means one whit to me? You’ve picked some 11th Hour nonsensical shift in narration and scope, then you’ve destroyed the world and beyond that the universe, and…. You’ve done that already.

Lots of times in the last year or three, in fact. It really does get old, you know. The uniqueness has worn off. The shine is off the universal-genocide apple. If you hadn’t propped up the multiverse –rich and pregnant with storytelling possibility- just to knock it over; or started every team book of this generation with a murder, I might -might- give half a crap.

I’ve made a lot of public overtures about being on board here DC. DiDio? You hearing me? Please don’t make me regret it. You’ve said it’s going somewhere. Good, let’s get to that.

Batman and the Outsiders #5

”Hey, welcome back guys! … guys? Ahem, guys?”

Huzzah, it’s about time you two showed up. Although I’m a little glad this was spoiled for me. The actual reveal was a little disappointing. Maybe Dixon took for granted we’d figure it out by now and didn’t bother with the auspice of mystery? I dunno, maybe it would read better if I didn’t know what was coming? It just seemed to end with a whiffling: “Merry Christmas from the Dibny’s”.

Do they have to possess a man and woman respectively? That’s niche.

This series really is a lot of fun. I was worried about Dixon on a pure team book, but it’s fun and more or less in his wheelhouse. I certainly recommend it over JLA.

I don’t even have anything smartass to say, it’s nice to have her back on our side.

It does beg the question what’s going to happen once Robinson’s Justice League hits the scene, though, doesn’t it? There’s always room for more, but it’s a curious choice nonetheless to have multiple proactive, below the radar, off the rez teams running around.

It’s clear from the comments at Newsarama, a lot of people are confusing proactive with preemptive, however.

Birds of Prey #116

I’m confused. Gail came back for this? Is she just finishing McKeever’s story so he can go and concentrate on the book he’s kind of sucking on?

I mean, crap, the issue was fine. Great even. Good to have her back and all that, but like, is this the story McKeever had in mind? Is Gail “fixing” it. Just to be clear I didn’t think it was broke. I thought McKeever was doing a fine job --at least on this book, but a few scenes seemed to switch focus mid-stream in this issue and it leaves questions.

It’s all a little bit bittersweet is all I’m saying. Let’s just hope the refocus does McKeever some good.

Meanwhile, it’s great to have you back Gail.

”Mama said knock you out! And by Mama, I mean, Gail.”

Brave and the Bold #11

Yeah, still awesome. It’s like watching Mark Waid get to second base with the DCU.

For all of the whacky goings-on in this series, there is a plan. MF’er lives in the sun! That’s awesome, and gave me a good case of the “oh shits” when it reminded me that’s where Wonder Woman threw the very object she wanted to keep away from dude. That’s where everybody throws everything they want to keep away from villains. Very clever, Waid. Very clever. The hand is yours.

Plus, this:

Let us bow our heads and remember the simple joy behind Earth 3.

Who do you get if you’re going to lose Jorge Perez on art? Jerry Ordway? Yeah, shit, might as well. I approve.

Catwoman #77

It’s just weird is all. Like, it’s almost a waste of issues, but I’m guessing Pfeifer is more cleverer than that. At this rate his next issue should line up toward the end of Salvation Run and thusly he’s spent all the time allotted for Catwoman to be off-world, while not interfering with the overarching plot.

I—I think I’m in love.

Plus it gave Will a fun opportunity to have Selina beat hell out of the Justice League and probably involves her getting her cat-burglaring, supervillainy groove back. That’s not something you can just fly to Jamaica and bang Taye Diggs for. That’s something you dream up an alternate universe, drop Hal Jordan and steal his ring for.

”Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar; and sometimes a kicked-ass is just a kicked-ass. Freud said that.”

Blue Beetle, huh? See you there, Will.

Checkmate #24

Action packed, and all sorts of cool on multiple levels. Maybe a little too rushed… maybe overpacked? This won’t be the last time you hear this complaint from me this week.

This story would’ve made a great line-wide crossover, I think, instead of crammed into these scant few pages. Or at least spread over a few books, y’know? I know that's not a popular opinion, but if you're going to threaten the entire world it only seems right that everyone gets a share. Lots of cool stuff is going wrong, every hero on Earth is under Checkmate’s direction, and one metric ass-load of Kali Yuga is busting loose.

I gotta’ enjoy it while it lasts b/c Bruce fucking Jones is coming to take over the book soon, and that will be the first issue I don’t buy. As far as I’m concerned this series ends the minute Rucka puts down his pen.

Bruce Jones? What possible evidence do you have that he won't ruin this like he ruins everything else he's ever touched? He's, like, #4 on my top ten list of people who should never find work again. Seriously.

Death of the New Gods #7

I could’ve totally skipped all of Countdown and just read this. Man that burns my nuts.

”Die for Disco Darkseid.”

Justice League of America #19

I guess this was good? I don’t know. Better than some issues, worse than others.

This is the other book I think had too much going on:

Salvation Run! J’onn’s a spy! Superman didn’t know! And he’s sad about it! Waller! Time to go to space! Flag is on the team! Kendra thinks she has an opinion on Roy’s relationship with his daughter’s mother! Travel through space! Prison planet! J’onn! Villains! Cheshire! This way! Energy hands! Flag reports something weird! Kendra needs to shut her damn mouth! Kanjar Ro! Nth Metal! Roy! Day saved! Superman is over it! Where are the villains? Dum dum dummmm!

…and scene.

I know there’s some to-do about needing less decompression in comics these days, but I would’ve let this have two issues. I really would’ve.

Kanjar Ro? And now, Queen Bee? Are we rolling out the old JL733t for a reason? A good reason? Weird. And where’s McDuffie?

If I’m being honest, I need to stop reading this book. You might should too. You’re missing a whole lot of nothing much. Robinson will be along soon to roll and smoke this book.

Marty’s Pick of the Week
Robin #172

Alphabetically last but significantly not least.

Man, it’s really good to have Dixon back. Sometimes a favorite creator’s return just isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. Waid on the Flash comes to mind (not bad but not great); or Wolfman on Nightwing (fell into old ruts too quickly). But Dixon is already hitting balls out of the park. Nightwing could use this kind of shot in the arm (instead of the other kind… in the ass).

For instance, yeah Tim uses a handglider in the course of this issue. He uses it once, in addition to traditional swinglines, while pointing out how difficult and impractical it is to use in a city. And if you note, he specifically uses it to go from high altitudes to a single-story district that would be impossible to swing around the old fashioned way. That’s actually smart.

I don’t want to weigh Chuck down too soon, but can we please get him over on Dick’s book sooner than later? Please? He needs you. More than Tim did, although probably less than Stephanie did... oh, right, speak of which:

”Is it safe yet, Mr. Dixon?”

I may not be so keen on the individuals who comprise the Girl Wonder crowd, but I still support the overarching cause. So obviously this last page made me smile. I admit to a bit of hesitation, though. Afterall, Ted Kord is back but we don’t think that’s going to come up roses now do we? Does this portend greater doom, or are we willing to accept this as a backpedalling peace offering?

I mean, I am.

Good to have you back, sir. Any chance you can put in a good word for Ms. Grayson?

That’s my comics story and I’m sticking to it.

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