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Countdown #14

So is Countdown just about the Challengers now? Seriously, this is three weeks in a row with barely a panty shot from Mary Marvel; Jimmy Olsen feeling up the All-New Forager; or Karate Kid dying in slow motion while some hard to follow crap happens in Blüdhaven.

Whatever. Donna gets to look like a Rock Star (finally) and Jason Todd gets to be… Red Robin… for some reason… unrelated to Kingdom Come.

Hey, a quick word about the Robin name. It’s what Dick’s parent called him. He was their little Robin, flittering above the flying trapeze, greatest of ease, yadda yadda yadda. It’s his name. I appreciate that he lets other people use it, and that’s very nice of him, but if anyone was to become Red Robin it really should be Dick. Jason could be Nightwing or some similarly stupid attempt to polish the turd that is the animated corpse of Jason Todd trying to shoehorn his way back into the sometimes redundant (or so they sometimes say) DCU. He was better off just calling himself the Red Hood and being his own man. Now he’s still doomed to come off like Dick Grayson II, which is really why people hated him in the first place.

Oh well, it was still cute to hear a Batman call him “chum”.

Blue Beetle #23

A few more of those signature head-scratching moments in this issue but once again it doesn’t really matter. Because it's awesome. All sorts of neat stuff happened in this issue which might be ramping up to end this whole Reach storyline.

Which brings me to the recent events in Booster Gold instead. It amuses me that we (as bloggers) all seem to be portending doom for Ted Kord’s resurrection. Everyone I’ve communicated with seems to think its really nice and all, but that it’s all going to end in tears.

I don’t disagree. I thought Ted was going to end up being the shadowy Supernova trying to undo Michael resurrecting him, so I’m definitely in the “ends in tears” camp. However, I submit to you: Jaime is now roughly at the same point in his series that Ted was when he was cancelled. Jaime’s state at the end of the issue wasn’t promising.

Oh sure, it’s supposed to be a cliffhanger, I get that --I have read comics before. I’m just noting that Jaime’s dialogue in Booster Gold versus Jaime’s fate might not be so far afield. One could be making way for the other…. Nah, it’ll all end in tears, you’re totally right.

Ultimately, I kind of hope it does end in tears. Ted was made better by his death. Everyone now misremembers Ted as being way more awesome than he ever actually was and his death was a good one. Let’s let him be in his retired bliss.

At the very least, I’d rather see Ted reborn from a company reboot or simply existing on Earth Charlton.

Still, I’ll enjoy it while it lasts, which might be longer than we think.

Legion of Superheroes #38

Two issues into Shooter’s run and I’m into it. I liked Waid’s run. I liked Bedard’s run. However, I imagine (and hope) that more people are happy with the straight-up Space Action Teenagers that got hot beef injected into this series. I’m happiest that it doesn’t deny what’s come from the run so far, but mostly just puts it into some four-color action.

Plus, some of the best Lightning Lad you’re ever going to get. From him being the only one dim enough to raise his hand, to his not having the sense to play diplomat, to his heartbreaking panel at the end of the issue. Great stuff all around.

Teen Titans #55

Wow, Teenagers being mostly teenaged. I dunno why, but I far prefer the angst and the way it’s being presented now, then I did when it was Johns or even Beechen. There’s just something about it that rings a little truer. Although I mostly don’t buy that Jaime is that friendly with Ravager. Other than that, I feel like McKeever is really working. And finally someone other than me has called bullshit on Kara and Cass’s friendship.

Not bad. I’ll keep reading for a bit longer. I could still use just a little less angst, and a lot more of these kids actually being friends or something.

There’s a lot of talk (a speech even) about what it means to be a Titan but they’re mostly dicks to each other. Which is different than being Dick to each other which is what it really means to be a Titan.

Young Avengers Present: Partriot

Huey from The Boondocks as Captain America v 2.0? I don’t see why not.

But seriously, I really liked this in a one-shot. It introduces Patriot, who he is, and what makes him special. All while giving Brubaker a chance to pad his ongoing plot. Not the greatest thing I read this week, but pretty alright.

It’s not essential for Captain America fans or folks following that storyline. You don’t get much except Bucky busting some heads at AIM and looking for the Red Skull. Not to say you shouldn't still pick it up just 'cause. Young Avengers fans, people wondering who Patriot is, or people who enjoyed Truth: Red, White and Black should definitely give this a pick up.

Marty’s Pick(s) of the Week
Wonder Woman #16

I’ve spent a lot of my time talking about the Wonder books and just what a mess the Wonder-world is at the moment. To the point that as I recently reread Heinberg’s run, I began to doubt whether this recent leg was anything other than more of the same. Then I read this issue and it reminded me that, no, Gail is, in fact, rocking this joint.

Sometimes a writer comes along and does something so elegant and simple to a character’s history, self, or world that it leaves you wondering why no one did that before now.

In this case it is the introduction of the Queen’s Guard, their particular obsession, and the sickness they tried to prevent from spreading. There’s just something deliciously Greek and tragic about the whole thing without being boring or maudlin.

Plus you get an army of super-intelligent apes fighting an army of super-powered Nazis and it just doesn’t get any better than that, does it?

Best use of the Lasso ever.

If there’s a book better than Wonder Woman (and I'm not saying there is), than it could only be….

Astonishing X-Men #24

Man, I’m loving this book more and more, and more than I should.

It’s going to be over soon too --or at least Joss’s run. Poop.

I don’t even know that I can gush about this series in a way that would possibly make sense to all of you. It involves everything I used to love about the X-titles, but watched get flushed down the miserable toilet of the 1990’s (if you think of Gambit or Bishop as X-Men, then we have nothing in common). It involves a love for Joss Whedon which is tempered by sense most of the time, but crumbles to jelly when he hits a certain pitch. It involves a fangirl crush on Kathryn Pryde that will never die. It involves a well-written story arc that just cut out on the best cliff-hanger since… two issues ago.

It involves stuff like this:

-It involves Scott Summers actually written in a way that would have you follow him into hell.
-It involves the Emma Frost I remember before all this “secondary mutation” BS.
-It involves Dr. Hank McCoy written as both smart and playful. Not just as if someone opened a science book and wrote whatever they put their finger on.
-It involves Wolverine (we all know how I feel about Wolverine) being written as just a thug. And he’s all the more endearing for it.
-It involves Piotr Rasputin with some actual character.
-It involves Lockheed as a sentient being who plays at a pet dragon b/c it brings him joy.
-It involves Kitty Pryde. Yeah, that’s all it takes. Oh, I’m sorry, and she’s written well.

It also involves new characters who are genuinely interesting amid these old favorites and characters I’ve always hated b/c no one wrote them this well. Both Armor and Agent Brand are very interesting in their own ways.

Plus an Illyana Rasputin reference, however small.

Not but a week ago, I had mentioned to the hza, I could use more of the X-Men “First Class” interacting as if they’ve known each other since before Mutants were cool. This issue delivered a nice scene about the trust between Hank and Scott.

Bless this series. Pick it up in trade, people. It’s X-Men that’re actually worth reading.

That’s my comics story, and I’m sticking to it.

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