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Friday Night Fights: Sucka Punch Round 5

It’s another one of those weeks where this will be a no-frills entry. Just a fat punch to the dome. So, to make up for it, here’s one of my favorite sucker punches in recent memory.

The Main Event:



Jason Todd


Donna Troy

Now, I’m sure we’re all conflicted about this panel. I mean, shit, someone is about to wipe Jason Todd off the map… again. We’re human, it’s natural to have these feelings.

You know who doesn’t have those feelings -- and doesn't mind sneaking freaky chicks from other earths?

My main girl, Donna “Sucka Punch” Troy:

Honest Abe cries a granite tear everytime he sees two girls fighting.

That’s because she’s a dyed-in-wool hero. A sucka-punching, mean right hook throwing hero.

She hit that freaky space-broad so hard it took two pages to take it all in. More than that, she hit her so hard….

”Awww, I thought she would’ve been a five-skipper.”

She skips across the mother-effin’ Reflecting Pool...

R.I.P. Garden State

And then smashes through New Jersey’s grave!

That’s my girl!

Countdown #45 Written by Paul Dini w/ Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray
Art by J. Calafiore.

Bahlactus only knows how to count down from Ten. It’s all he’s ever needed to count you suckas out!

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