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This Week in Comics -- Late Again

This was a good week for bookkeeping. All sorts of little odds and ends got squared away.

Countdown #30

What happened here? Oh yeah, Jason, Donna, and Shithead go to an earth where they’re the top acts. Jason is Batman, Donna is Wonder Woman, Kyle is… a shithead. But it’s not Earth 8 which we know is Earth-90’s.

Also General Zod is Superman? It seems like Earth-15 is a grim and gritty earth… plus Donna… and a kind-of nice Atom chick. Isn’t that what the Titans of Tomorrow are all about? So shouldn’t Cassie be Wonder Woman?

Long story short, this Earth is redundant at best; a shoe-horned reason to have the Challengers confront themselves at worst. I wouldn’t have wasted a designation on it.

Bonus mischaracterization of Donna Troy!

Donna --when confronted with the totalitarian version of herself as the self-proclaimed Wonder Woman-- opines that it’s “like seeing everything she ever wanted”.

You’ve always wanted to be a treacherous, iron-handed, disappointment to Diana? You’ve always wanted to betray the Amazon’s mission of peace? You’ve always wanted the spotlight?

All of these are utter falsehoods. Whether I agree with all of it or not, the point of the “Who is Wonder Woman” arc which just ended in the Wonder Woman Annual was that Donna didn’t want to be Wonder Woman.

Also, as the Guardian of the Multiverse and keeper of its history, does she even need Bob the Monitor to lead her around?

Does nobody pay attention to Donna Troy but me? (sigh).

Detective #837

Hey, so that’s what’s up with all the Harley Quinn this past year.

First she’s reformed; then she’s in the Secret Six; and then she’s in the Amazonian shelter biz. Paul Dini makes sense of it for us, plus serves up some more cool stuff with the reformed Edward Nigma.

I’m a Riddler fan for some reason that I can’t quite figure --other than I always liked Frank Gorshin. Seriously, there’s something intriguing about him as a character. So I dig this transition to the side of the angels. Sorry if you don’t.

Unfortunately, Dini’s run on Detective appears to be at an end as they make the perennial mistake of dragging all the Bat-titles into a burdensome millionty-part crossover.

The upshot is that I won’t have to buy Nightwing, Detective, or probably Robin for a little while. I just hope it stays away from Birds of Prey and Catwoman. For once I’m actually hoping for the ridiculous Boy’s Club motif to ring true.

Supergirl #22

Hey, Supergirl remembers her time with the Legion, and by extension, remembers how to be a hero!

That is all.

JLA/Hitman #2

Man, this was remarkably sweet, and really sort-of sad. It’s a shame Ennis doesn’t do Superhero stuff more often. Being forced to write outside his type, makes him… better, quite frankly.

Let’s face it, most of his crap is adolescent at best, but reading his Superman is refreshing on both sides (his and Supes’). Let it be known, I’d buy it.

Marty’s Pick of the Week
Search For Ray Palmer: Crime Syndicate

Wait. Marz isn’t going to be writing all of these? Oh thank god.

Sean McKeever wrote this issue and it was frickin’ amazing. The new ideal for the 52 Earths is shaping up nicely --other than Earth 15. This is going to be much fun. It’s still going to be weird to see things like Green Lantern of Captain Marvel’s Earth-5 and all, but seeing old Earth-3-redux was nice.

The Jokester story was pretty cool. More than that, it was almost heartbreaking to see Duela Dent finally get an origin story 22 issues after she’d been killed. Now we have to wonder if Talon is still out there, or what?

I’m currently taking suggestions RE: how I should review my comic haul. Or even if I should. My wife thinks I should just commit to reviewing LAST weeks comics, since that’s the schedule I’m on. Then I could just fire off spoilers ahoy, since most of the concerned citizens will have read the issues already.

Or I could something similar to The Absorbascon or Seven Hells where it’s not so much a review as a matter of impressions, comments, and kudos.

Or I could just have one Pick of the Week with honorable mentions as-needed, but, to be honest, that’s pretty much what I am doing.

This isn’t everything I read this week, just the stuff I felt driven to comment on. Yet my week into weekend schedule still isn’t conducive to: reading – forming opinion – writing a coherent version of that opinion – and posting it online in a timely fashion.

Between kids, wife, and such fruitful endeavors as Friday Night Fights, I don’t have time to shit or wind my watch some weeks. Hence why sometimes we get last-minute crapfests like this one.

Oh well, think about it for me, won’t you loyal blog reader. I use the singular, b/c I’m pretty sure there’s only one of you.

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