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This Week in Comics

What will be Marty’s Pick of The Week in this fine week of comics?

Plenty of good stuff came out, it’s really hard to pick just one.

Countdown #32

Will it be Countdown? Not frickin’ likely.

Yeah, so I didn’t stop buying Countdown… yet. I kind of hoped this would be the Bachelorette Party proper, so I had to take a look. At the very least there was more Dinah than in the JLA Special. And more of what I would have liked the JLA Special to be, insomuch as it was the girls behaving badly and spreading cheer at a male revue. Underage drinking was narrowly averted, it was a good time. It could’ve only been better if Huntress and Babs were charging passer-by money to lick Lifesaver’s™ off Dinah’s beer-stained shirt with “Suck For a Buck” emblazoned on it. That might be another blog post though….

It was also pretty cute that Fiddler loved crashing Canary’s B-Party… and the Entertainment.

In the rest of the issue: Black Mary finally meets Eclipso, Cadmus comes and gets Jimmy. You know, stuff moving ahead by inches as usual.

I honestly don’t know if I’ll make good on my threat to stop buying or not. It’s more out of habit than actual enjoyment. I know that should tell me something, but what the crap am I going to do with 20 issues of an incomplete series? Often as not it’s not bad… but that’s not a reason to buy a comic.

Green Arrow and Black Canary Wedding Special #1

Marty’s Pick of the Week has gotta be the Wedding Special, right?

The Wedding Special was pretty good. Lots of weird stuff. Some of it off the charts good, and some of it was only okay. But, no, it’s not the Pick of the Week.

I gotta’ tell you , I didn’t see the ending coming! I guess we know why Connor is on the cover of Green Arrow/Black Canary #1 now don’t we? If you don’t it’s because you didn’t read the Special. If you didn’t read the Special that means you’re not cool.

Sorry. It just does.

Birds of Prey #110

Will it be Birds of Prey? We all know Marty is a big nerd for BoP, and Tony Bedard tends to rank high with him.

It’s not. This issue was just okay. There was more than one laugh, and plenty of cute gags. Unfortunately it was clearly filler. If it’s going to be filler, you might as well tie it into Countdown or something.

I don’t know if McKeever is slated to take over next month or not, but I’m looking forward to him coming on. No offense to Tony, I loved last issue. But when you know someone is living on borrowed time (filling in) it’s harder to take them seriously.

Next issue, Oracle versus Calculator. Shouldn't that be an ongoing plot anyway?

Cat Woman #71

Cat Woman? It’s gotta be Cat Woman! Marty gets all girly about Cat Woman.

It’s not… but that’s true. Cat Woman was excellent, almost certainly my runner up. It’s probably the most fall-out you’re going to see from Amazon’s Attack --except maybe the Wonder Girl limited, but we all know I wasn’t overwhelmed by that.

All the Batman/Cat Woman interaction? Seriously, Pfeiffer can’t stop writing Batman obsessing over baby Helena. It's adorable every time. Great interactions, and this:

Will wrote this issue just for me. An issue dedicated to just how much trouble Helena has been in ever since she was born. Why, I’ve been talking about that for months!

Thanks, Will. I'll sleep with it under my pillow.

JLA/Hitman #1

Is it JLA/Hitman? It totally has to be! Come on. It’s funny, irreverent, and references all three of the Hitman stories Marty knows of.

No, though, don’t let that fool you. It’s pretty great.

If you liked the Morrison JLA then you get more of Flash poking Kyle, Batman being a jag-off, that kind of thing. If you don’t like the Morrison JLA (or the JLA at all), then come watch Garth Ennis make fun of them to their faces and tag their lieu! If you liked Hitman… well, then you already bought this, didn’t you?

It manages to be sweet at the end when Tommy is the only one who thinks to be worried about Superman.

I missed Hitman entirely. I’ve heard that’s my loss. Don’t be like me. Don’t miss Hitman while he’s here again, albeit briefly.

Captain America #30

Captain America? Marty likes Captain America.

I do, and this issue was as good as the last 30. Better than a few of them, matter of fact. It was good to see someone kick the Red Skull’s daughter in the face. Not Pick of the Week good, but good nonetheless.

More neat twists and turns as ‘Safety Words’ becomes the theme of this month’s episode.

“Sputnik”, indeed.

Checkmate #18

No, Marty’s Pick of the Week is Checkmate #18.

And just b/c I don’t think Checkmate gets enough play. Seriously, this series is great. It’s got a whole superspy, cat and mouse, tough-guy talk vibe that’s always sexy. A story dedicated to everybody versus Amanda Waller is good on paper and good in practice. After Final Crisis I want to write a pitch for a Mega-Crossover Event that features that very premise.

Plus this series is all over the place with the characters Greg Rucka chooses to use. It makes me wonder, does Rucka just hang out at the DC office and listen in on people’s storylines? I’m not accusing him of anything, I just want some attention paid to how Greg has done more for continuity in the DCU this past year than anyone. Checkmate is the ultimate crossover book.

It picked up Scandal Savage right on cue; made good with Oracle over the whole Spysmasher thing; continues all this weirdness with the new SuicideSquad; J’onn J’onnz just showed up –which he seems to be doing a lot of lately, he’s like Tony Bedard over there— which is overdue considering we were told J’onn was all up in Checkmate’s ass throughout 52; speak of 52, the August General in Iron is hanging around generating interest; Mr. Terrific; Sascha Bordeaux; Fire; Count Vertigo; Judo Master’s son; I mean, the list goes on and on.

You deserve to be reading it. It deserves to be read.

That’s my comics story and I’m sticking to it.

Tomorrow night is new Avatar.

Can I get an “EEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

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