May 12th, 2009

I Am And Shall Always Be Your Friend

So, this weekend I had the opportunity to be transported back to my childhood and revisit old friends reimagined. I’m talking, of course, about New Mutants #1 by Zeb Wells. What did you think I was talking about? Oh, Star Trek? Yeah, it was awesome on toast. Whatever. Let’s get down to what the internets really wants to buzz about. My childhood fandom of the X-Men’s B-team in training. Am I right?

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A good number one issue should make you want to buy number two. A great one should keep you around for the arc. This issue has guaranteed a year of my unquestioning loyalty. Try not to screw it up, Wells.

Long story short: I highly recommend this series even if you’re not slavishly devoted to the characters. Being passingly familiar with the Marvel Universe is a necessity however.

I give it Four Soulstones out of Five. I would score it higher but that would mean that the Elder Ghods from beyond Limbo would break free and march across our plane of existence on their way to destroying other –more worthwhile– planes of No offense Zeb, I just happen to like the world, it has all my stuff on it.