March 12th, 2009

Guess Who’s on the Internet Radio Machine?

Well, if you guessed any number of people you’d probably be right. In this case I’m talking about me. That can’t be a surprise. I mean, it’s my blog. Anyway check out how huge my nerd is here.

I couldn't have done it without you internets. Even if New Wave Requiem is totally stealing my thunder. I'd be really bitter if it weren't so mind-bogglingly awesome. Speak'a awesome, White Wolf seals four out of the ten spots including two in the top five. Gotta’ like it when the Company does good.

Also of note is li’l Rob Donaghue of Spirit of the Century fame who can’t be beat for raw RPGeek enthusiasm, except possibly by Eddy Webb. Wow, watching those two try to out enthusiast each other would probably shatter stars. Best not to think on it.

In other news, the last Countdown showed off my friend and compatriot Chucky D. Wendig’s talk-talk skills pimping the Horror Recognition Guide. A book deserving of much accolade and award.

One of these days they promise to release the rest of my books that are apparently being held for questioning.