March 4th, 2009

Papa's Magic Bag of Not-Much

I present to you, internets, the following truths which I hold to be self-evident. But I'm telling you anyway.

I saw the first three episodes of this about a month back. I dunno if they've shown more since then or not, b/c my son found it accidentally on channel googlety-four.

Other than the title which (makes my balls creep back into my body) it's actually pretty good. It's sort of a spiritual descendant of X-Men: Evolution, which was the best X-thing to come out in the last 20+ years that didn't have Joss Whedon's name attached to it.

This isn't that good but it's close. Not the least of why is because Wolverine is quite open about not being cut out for the mission of getting the band back together. This point is made multiple times. Enough for me to nod begrudgingly and get on board.

Which isn't what I expected out of a cartoon where friggin' Wolverine's friggin' name is bigger by half than the team the show is about.

It's so sickeningly pandering it's... almost sublime. Fan stroking at its most perfect. It could only be made better if everyone's favorite bad idea "diamond" Emma Frost was blowing Wolverine perched in some spine-aching position where somehow her ass and tits are pointed at the viewer at the same time.

Or if it was titled Wolverine: Xxxxxtrme Badazz0rzz Killz da X-Menz(snikt, bub, snikt, snikt) or something.

Anyway, it was good. Better than it has any right being. If I can find it again, I will watch it.

You should too.

Fallout 3 is as awesome as you've heard and pretty close to video game perfection. Parts of it are slightly less than awesome, but they are dwarfed by all the parts that are.

The main story is quite delicious and had me coming back to it as often as I could afford. But frankly, wandering aimlessly around "Post-Apocalyptia" with Danny Kaye crooning in the background while exploding Super Mutant heads in slow motion while my son cheers me on is as close to Nerdvana as a video game is going to get.

Most of the world has already played it, so this is probably not news to many people by now. But perchance you're further from the bleeding edge than me? Buy it. Allow it to rock your socks.

That is all. Tonight, comics! Also Lost!