February 10th, 2009

Pocket Full of Items

Due to unforseen life suckage I’m not exactly back on track with comics blogging or even mixed bag/life blogging. Regardless, here’s something.

Two somethings actually:

Item the First: Yes I loved Final Crisis. All the way to its mind-numbing end.

I can appreciate much of the criticism –at least such which remains civil– and even share in some of it. Do I wish Grant just shut up and wrote a solid comic? Sure, we all do. On the other hand what he did write was really great and considering how many times big T “Time” comes undone in the DCU this is the first time it actually feels like it. Zero Hour can number itself backward as much as it wants, Final Crisis really makes you feel like the very concept had no meaning.

On the other hand Mandrakk the vampire monitor being the end boss is like having to suddenly fight the moon or something when you think you’re done a JRPG. Vampire Monitor is not greater than Darkseid. Darkseid is all. Darkseid... is.

So real quick, the pros:

1) It was awesome.

2) Also it was filled with awesome.

The cons:

1) It should’ve been longer with more of the story being evil actually winning, not evil having won. This would’ve allowed Wonder Woman looking like less of a bitch and Supergirl fighting Mary Marvel maybe meaning anything.

2) Less the Vampire Monitor and more of Darkseid’s stoolies like Desaad and Granny pulling their weight.

3) DC not trying to cross market the crap out of it and thus diluting the work before it even started.

4) Contrarily, I would've liked some crossover. I respect DC for ditching the more traditional "Final Crisis Continues Here" kind of stuff. I just maybe would've waited until after Final Crisis to make that move. Like the Batman tie-ins. Again, I feel the missed oppurtunity here was seeing what my favorite books would've looked like in the grip of deranged 5th World Gods. I'm probably alone there, but such is life.

If I can find the time, I’ll try and drag some of my favorite moments out into the light. B/c if Grant does anything well, it’s moments.

Item the Second: I’m getting irrationally excited about the Watchmen movie.

I told myself not to, but it really looks like this Snyder kid is breaking his back to make this the bestest it can be.

Considering its sandwiched between such on-screen bad idea/abortions as Frank Miller sucking the life out of the Spirit and the Terminator franchise being shat on by everyone with a camcorder, I have to believe in something damnit.

I know there’s some to-do about whether or not the squid is in it. People who are worried about such things need to really calm down about insignificant details. According to Gibbons “the device is the same” just less the squid. Perfect. Whatever, let’s move on.

Move on to things like Rorschach taking out a prisoner with a lunch tray.

Because that’s real.